Over another Hump

Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Year of The Dog

And our dog, an aged Peke knows it. This morning she put on such a performance that her slave had to take her around the block in the car. She even woke him up early - and she has not done that since she was a young dog. Have dogs got an underground network?

Australia Day (January 26th) was celebrated with a wonderful downpour. There was water everywhere and our tank is overflowing. Now I wish we'd got a larger one.
As well, an unknown source of water has appeared. I thought maybe God had rewarded us for our patience over the ongoing water problem with the council and given us our own spring, but he-of-little-faith turned off the main. Now the water has vanished. If I was God I'd punish a Doubting Thomas too.
Looks like a plumbing job this week, just to keep us on our toes. Life is never boring.
Weather Diary.

In November the storm bird
flew in from New Guinea
to sing its promise of relief
from long months of drought.

By December
his promise became jaded,
overworked, faded -
barely audible over ribald remarks
directing him home.

January silenced him
with sullen heat.
No morning calls spur hope
until Australia Day dawns
on a dripping, washed world
and a surprised stormbird shrills,
"See - I was right after all!"
Frances Mackay January 2006.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Cnr. Swanston and Collins Streets.

This painting, by my sister Sandra Wilson, rather haunts me. Spring time in Melbourne is/was a lovely time. Here, the crowd of unisex lemmings doesn't even notice it is spring. The invisible strings that pull these people must be strong - but what is it?

At the corner of Swanston and Collins Street.

They stand, mutely
waiting at corner crossings,
uniformly unisex
in dark attire.

Important people,
with places to go,
impervious to
spring's fresh touch.

With impassive faces
and veiled eyes
focused forward
in city conditioning

these modern lemmings
move as one,
impelled by
unnatural instincts.
Frances Mackay 2006

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

On a Lighter Note.

Had a fun writing exercise this week so I thought I'd share my attempt. We had to treat a piece of fiction as a factual report. First time I've felt the creative juices flow for ages. Frances.

Major Company Involved in Terrorism.

Police revealed today that chemical manufacturer, ACME, has been involved in a longstanding campaign against native Road Runners.

Wiley Coyote, a front man for the company, confessed he had been hired to test the effectiveness of their product against the - quote Coyote - 'vermin'.

Detective Tracey, police spokesman, said they have reels of graphic evidence on tape; positive proof of wrong doing.

Charges, including wilful damage to personal and public property, intending to inflict grievous bodily harm and personal harassment, have been laid against ACME and Mr. W. Coyote.

Residents in the remote area said they had heard explosions and felt tremours but had assumed it was the movements of the San Andreas Fault. "We are relieved there is no longer a problem," Mr E. Phudd commented.

When asked to comment on the arrests, Road Runner's only comment was, “Beep, beep.”

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Third World Conditions in a Modern Country.

I usually like to post something positive about where I live. The place is usually a lovely place to live, especially if you enjoy peace and wild life. This is not a positive post and the problem will not vanish.
Some of you have read my letter to the council regarding our water problems (see December 4th entry). I have had a response from the Shire saying they will discuss the problem further in February's meeting. The problems began in mid 2005. The main pump has been out of commission since September and (according to a recent telephone conversation with the water department) the council has no idea when the pump will be fixed. The following is an update.
I now go to hang out my washing. Mud and all.