Over another Hump

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ink's Blot.

He reclines on the table,
seeking sunlight
on a frosty morning.
Black as midnight
until the sun's rays burnish
his body, turn him
into a bronzed hologram.

Father of three, his confidence
assures him welcome as
he makes his mark in lives
of his servants.

Neutered now, but
he still thinks he's got “It.”
Creates mayhem
tumbling through
our home and hearts.
Mere humans, we swear,
then laugh at his audacity.

His only foe, his big mumma,
Queen Victoria of cats, snarls
her displeasure,
until a truce is made
and they share
the warmest bed to
sleep the day away.


  • Hi,
    They are such friends and help keep us connected, animals.
    I was just jumping through the blogs and happened here.
    My wife has a dear friend in
    Allora, which sounds like it may be just south of your town. Val from Allora travels a lot and visited us here in mid Missouri a few years back. Of course, everyone had a good time with her accent.
    Nice to see your blog, and the local news.

    By Blogger goatman, at 10:29 AM  

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