Over another Hump

Monday, October 19, 2009

The World IS Their Oyster.

Every so often we are lucky enough to meet someone new who inspires us. I was lucky to meet this family during their break here.

The World IS Their Oyster.
Argentinian couple Candelaria and Herman Zapp, together with their four children spent Sunday night in Torrens Creek Caravan park.
So what, you ask? Well, this family is something to write home about. Nine years ago they decided to travel. The target was to see the Americas and reach the northern most tip of Alaska. They left their home, family and dog in Buenos Aires and began their travels. They are living their dream, a dream that began when they were 14. You may have already read about them?
The first thing that catches your attention is their car, a 1928 Graham Paige. This vehicle has taken them through the three Americas, been their home since day one and has helped them write the ultimate travel book.
Along the way, almost incidently it seems, their 4 children were born: Pampa, now 7, was born in the USA, Tehue, 4, in Argentina, Paloma , 2, in Canada and Wallaby, 7 months, in Australia. Interestingly, all the countries but Australia granted the children citizenship. These children, so natural and unassuming, make me rethink modern values.
The family interaction and organization is amazing. Paloma is in First Grade and Candelaria teaches him by Correspondence from Argentina, via the web; cooking is managed with little fuss and packing and unpacking is honed to a fine art. Everything has a place.
As Hermanadvises, “Start your dream, the rest is easy. You only have to plan to get to the next town/village.” This couple, with their po istive attitude call 'difficulties' 'challenges' and as such have been invited to share over 800 families' hospitality in their travels, the latest being an overnight stay at Denna Station at Torrens Creek.
To help the couple along with their dream the Exchange Hotel offered the family free accomodation and fuel.
The Zapps are not wealthy and have earned their way creatively. Candelaria Zapp started painting watercolours for sale and together they wrote a book, “Spark Your Dream”, which has received nothing but wonderful reviews on Amazon.com. where it can be purchased. A perpetual birthday calendar is also available from their website www.argentinaalaska.com. where you can follow this dream and communicate with the family.
Their next book, which they write as they travel sedately along at 50 kilometers, will include Torrens Creek and should be released in the next two years.
Herman and Candelaria say that although they've seen amazing places their main memories will be the people whom they have met, and their faces that will remain fresh.