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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

On a Lighter Note.

Had a fun writing exercise this week so I thought I'd share my attempt. We had to treat a piece of fiction as a factual report. First time I've felt the creative juices flow for ages. Frances.

Major Company Involved in Terrorism.

Police revealed today that chemical manufacturer, ACME, has been involved in a longstanding campaign against native Road Runners.

Wiley Coyote, a front man for the company, confessed he had been hired to test the effectiveness of their product against the - quote Coyote - 'vermin'.

Detective Tracey, police spokesman, said they have reels of graphic evidence on tape; positive proof of wrong doing.

Charges, including wilful damage to personal and public property, intending to inflict grievous bodily harm and personal harassment, have been laid against ACME and Mr. W. Coyote.

Residents in the remote area said they had heard explosions and felt tremours but had assumed it was the movements of the San Andreas Fault. "We are relieved there is no longer a problem," Mr E. Phudd commented.

When asked to comment on the arrests, Road Runner's only comment was, “Beep, beep.”


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