Over another Hump

Saturday, March 27, 2010


(c) Frances Mackay, 17-03-10

Pothole was a young ringer
working his way out west
eradicating the prickly pear,
an imported cacti pest.

The cactoblastis grubs,
introduced to eat the pear,
became a bigger problem -
sugar cane its favourite fare.

To stop the devestation
of important cash crop earners
the cane toad was suggested
by scientific slow learners.

Cane toads over-run our state
from coast to western border,
ugly poisonous interloper
defying our natural order.

The cactoblastis has now gone,
prickly pear's an exotic fruit,
soon Pothole's prodigy will supply
the toads to China in exchange for loot.

Hidden Treasure

Have you seen a mud wasp's nest?
It's a natural work of art;
ignor the fact the wasp's a pest
with painful hidden dart.

Forget the mess this builder makes
in hidden awkward places,
the time and energy it takes
to remove and not leave traces.

I'd put mywinter clothes away
but now it's getting colder
I need to air them out today -
moist air makes them molder.

Each wollen garment I removed
from my storage closet
bore hardened mud that proved
my enemy did construct it.

These perfect shapes of coloured clay,
as a potter I bregrudge,
now sit here in proud display;
hidden treasure - you be the judge.