Over another Hump

Friday, October 17, 2008


Since last posting the weather has turned suddenly. After a wonderful, replenishing rain Spring has arrived and it is absolutely beautiful. I wish I could post the smell as well as these pics.
My jackaranda (sp) is now tall enough to be visible all over town, the purple flowers are falling and mingling with the mahogany leaves and it really looks like a painting.

The raintrees are obscene, the blooms are so prolific. And the perfume in the early morning and evening is supurb. And now I discover my frangipani is flowering.

I wrote this poem last year, this season tops last years, so far.

Oh I love this time of year. Taking the dog for a walk (he still misses his mate, as we do) is an absolute pleasure - the town is covered in blossoms. Great time for a honeymoon.
And the birds, can't forget them. Hawks follow us and swoop and climb on the thermals in the early morning breezes. There are so many this year. And emus too apparently. We have a resident bower bird that keeps us entertained with his repetoir as he tries to pinch a bright blue bead that is part of my wind chime. And the honey eaters... And of course, can't forget the cockatoos and parrots that are enjoying the bounty.

My Garden in Spring (Tra-la).

Satin bright leaves cover the yard
like dots in an impressionist painting.
Lighter ones, arranged by benevolent breezes,
float like confetti to mingle with
crimson and white bougainvillea
and butterflies.

Raintree blossoms scent the air
and carpet red soil with fluffy green pom-poms.
Tiny finches and honeyeaters form
entrancing mobiles from the branches,
peeping enjoyment.

A Neem tree brushes my window,
my favourite curtain
laden with lacy white flowers
and honey to entice the bush bees before sunrise.
Monet magic.

Frances Mackay (c) 2007

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Looking for Ali-cat

The Cat killer is still on the loose. His score is 17 now. He destroyed our newest acquisition after watching us play together as I raked the leaves. Half an hour later he'd vanished and, next day, the blackboard had another cat's head up. Then the hero left town for 3 weeks. Here is a photo of our dog and his mate. I didn't think an animal would remember for this long...
Searching for Ali-cat.
Bandit's at the back door
trying to come in,
grabbing my attention
with his silly grin.
He's searching for his playmate,
his partner in crime,
knows he should be here -
this dog can tell the time.
But Ali-cat has vanished,
he's just another score
upon a killer's blackboard
and oh, our hearts are sore
to see our hopeful Bandit
searching for his mate,
prowling 'round the garden,
peering through the gate.
Three weeks ago it happened
and still he's looking for
the company of Ali-cat
who's not here anymore.
How to tell this loyal dog
his little friend is dead,
killed by a sick human
who'se not right in the head?