Over another Hump

Monday, April 13, 2009

For Katie

Our rural queen
controlled her realm
with no nonsense looks -
used a teacher's glare to
deter brazen subjects.
Proud mother,
she delegated her litter
to a peke who
shepherded his flock
while her majesty
prowled perameters
Scourge of snakes,
mouser extrodinair,
she maintained boundaries
taught newcomers
royalty's rules.
Who will watch over
me now, while I garden,
pretending to sleep
under the bush I prune,
or play tug with the hose
to demonstrate (or hone?)
snake killing techniques?
How I miss your flashing eyes
your sense of fun
and dignity,
your lording it over the dogs,
wrap lesser beings around
perfect claws
as you inform me
the day shift has arrived
and claim the bed.