Over another Hump

Friday, July 18, 2008

Another Weekend

After one hectic week. I don't know where it went, but it sure has gone. I started my newsletter again and this week I put the second edition out. The town has been pretty ansti lately and I decided better communication was again needed.
This second edition was certainly talked about - people were asking for it before I'd finished it. I guess that is a sign that they find it interesting. Naturally there were negative comments, but you can't please everyone. I certainly can't anyway.
The cat killer has taken another cat. I do miss her, she was such a friendly cat, loved everyone - unfortunately. There is no way we can keep cats caged here. Houses are too open, and husbands too forgetful ;-)
Bandit, our dog misses her too, as she used to pep up the pace on our walks.

We and Them.

A small township's divided,
We aren't speaking again!
They feel they are God's chosen -
what's that say for Them?

We stir pots in the kitchen
huddle in a gossip's conclave,
dream of a life without Them,
isolation makes people brave.

Burdens are layered upon Them,
slandered by whispered word
so, ignorant of misdemeanour,
no disclaimer is heard.

Festering grudges and hatred
it's how all wars begin.
Fueding fuels fragile egos -
there's no way We or Them win.
Frances Mackay (c) 19-7-08