Over another Hump

Monday, November 26, 2007

After a Time of Wondering

Sharing a last photo of our prima donna. Sadly missed. (There is a strange resemblance to someone I know - never noticed it before.)

Life is full of unexpected turns and twists. This year has been rife with the unexpected. By now I should know to be prepared. Me I just jump from one crisis to another. Nothin new. I haven't written here for yonks. Have been feeling pretty unmotivated after numerous trips to the coast. Inspiration has been flagging along with my energy. Now the summer is knocking at our door, hopefully I will get back into a more creative mood.

The following poem is inspired by an article in Townsville Bulletin on 11th August. (Nothing to do with the prima donna, except that I guess there were a few on the plane ;-). How paranoid are we?

Failing Communication 101.

Half way across The States – that’s USA, you know –
A hostie offered me a snack. I should have told her “No”.
My queasy stomach dissed the chips and nuts
so I said I ‘d give pretzels a go.
Grimly she informed me there were none on board.
“Fair dinkum?” is all that I replied - on that I give my word!

Soon I was surrounded by a flight crew up in arms,
my passport was demanded, no use my Aussie charms.
My details all were taken, for a heinous crime.
For ‘fair dinkuming’ the hostess, it seemed I could do time.

Three of The Bureau’s finest nabbed me when I disembarked,
said I’d broken federal rules with my chance remark.
They accused me of swearing, with words they didn’t know,
then detained me for hours. I was an International Foe!
Finally I was released - with investigation pending,
Sky West and FBI farewelled me - none smiling, all unbending.