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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Looking for Ali-cat

The Cat killer is still on the loose. His score is 17 now. He destroyed our newest acquisition after watching us play together as I raked the leaves. Half an hour later he'd vanished and, next day, the blackboard had another cat's head up. Then the hero left town for 3 weeks. Here is a photo of our dog and his mate. I didn't think an animal would remember for this long...
Searching for Ali-cat.
Bandit's at the back door
trying to come in,
grabbing my attention
with his silly grin.
He's searching for his playmate,
his partner in crime,
knows he should be here -
this dog can tell the time.
But Ali-cat has vanished,
he's just another score
upon a killer's blackboard
and oh, our hearts are sore
to see our hopeful Bandit
searching for his mate,
prowling 'round the garden,
peering through the gate.
Three weeks ago it happened
and still he's looking for
the company of Ali-cat
who's not here anymore.
How to tell this loyal dog
his little friend is dead,
killed by a sick human
who'se not right in the head?


  • Oh I'm so sorry...this is so sad. I wanted to cry as I read it.

    Hope your doing okay.



    By Blogger Rhiannon, at 6:07 PM  

  • rhiannon, I just visited your blog. First time for ages. Your news breaks my heart. Thank you for visiting my 'space'. You are so loyal. Hopefully your news will be good. I'll keep reading. Will not become so totally selfishly involved in future. All the best. Frances.

    By Blogger Frances Mackay, at 6:43 PM  

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