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Friday, September 30, 2005

Rain coming.

We are nearing the rainy season here. Already we have had some good showers. The weather is heating up rapidly and I would be surprised if we don't get some storms soon.

It's Heavy Weather.
“Nice bit of rain we've had Burt,” Joyce called accross to her neighbour. She pegged a sheet to the line and smiled at the dark clouds overhead. She didn't care that the clothes wuld have no chance to dry that day.
“We're doing our bit to keep it around,” she continued. “Done my washing and Ken washed the car yesterday. Never fails, that. Better than the old rain dance, eh? This should make the farmers smile, shouldn't it?”
“Don't know about that. This will upset the harvest, probably cause rust at this time of the year too. Doesn't help the natural grasses either, the growth season is over. Seeds will just sprout and burn off. Wasted.” Burt's lugubrious expression lightened a little at the prospect.
“Oh well, it's great for the garden, isn't it?” Joyce sniffed. “Don't you love the smell of the first rain?”
“Watch out for black spot on your roses. The weather is too warm still.”
“I bet the animals love it.” Joyce ploughed on valiantly. “The poor things plod around in all that dust with hardly any shelter. It must be a relief for them.” She picked up her basket and turned towards the house.
“They'll probably get foot rot.” Burt sniffed as he tossed his copy of “Farmer's Gazette” into the bin. 01-10-05


  • Hi Frances,
    I like the way that you introduce Joyce as an optimist right from the beginning, with her hanging up the clothes although rain is coming.

    By Blogger Carol, at 6:35 PM  

  • Hi Frances its been a while.

    Joyce's neighbor sounds like all the ones around me(in the city)..no matter how much you smile or look at the good in things they just must be honary and negative or even downright mean! I'm almost used to it...sad but true..but it doesn't stop me, I still continue to appreciate those little things..they are the most precious!

    Thanks for sharing...good writing!

    Angel Blessings,

    By Blogger Rhiannon, at 8:43 PM  

  • What an interesting and believable situation that describes two differing approaches to the same circumstance.
    I opt for the optomist!

    By Anonymous Sister, at 2:12 AM  

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