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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Yesterday was my Birthday

And what a present I got! Rain halted cricket for over five hours. It saved our bacon and we didn't have to play on. We aren't doing so well in this series, I'm afraid. Guess it is because I don't sit up and watch? I will watch tonight, though.
On another front, I went to a first birthday party for our youngest town member. There are only two children in this village - we call it the retirement village - both are under school age, which is just as well as the government closed the school a couple of years before we arrived. That was the death knell for the town.
Despite the normal scarcity of kids here, there was an amazing number at the party. Would you believe only one mishap the whole time we were there, and that was just a little cry because he got a wack on the head. Amazing! The guest of honour wasn't interested in the toys she was given. Just kept running to her favourite spot in the yard to play with her stones when she thought she wasn't being watched.
Most of the presents were bright plastic activity toys. It seems to me that the children get an overload of these and turn off because of the sameness. One can only do so much with primary colours and shapes. The rag bunny I made was a hit with the older ones so I guess I will make Renae one after all. I thought it might be a bit babyish for a three year old but it got dragged around all afternoon. I felt quite smug about that.
Today, for the first time in ages, I decided I was going to relax and read and do a bit of scribbling. I have a poem buzzing around my head so I want to work at it. Wouldn't you know - Frank has become motivated and is working on installing the exposed beams in the lounge room where I intended to relax. Now I am in here writing drivel as the house begins to dissolve around me.
When he goes to have his snooze I will creep back and watch John Wayne in "The Undefeated". It somehow eluded me when I was younger. Interesting how my opinion of Wayne has changed over the years. Sadly, he is no longer my hero.


  • Happy (Belated) Birthday! =)

    By Blogger Me, at 5:29 PM  

  • Oh, just to let you know, I've disabled the link on my name, so clicking on it will no longer bring you to my site. I ended up with a lot of spam comments where people were just commenting to promote their site, and I think they got my link from the comments that I leave on other people's sites.


    By Blogger Me, at 6:05 AM  

  • Now I know how you spent your birthday! Sounds like the rag rabbit was a great success.Renae will love it!

    By Anonymous Sister, at 2:36 PM  

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