Over another Hump

Friday, September 02, 2005

Spring has Sprung and here We Is ...

Celebrating Spring.

Smells of cut grass and gasoline,
turned soil, warm moist compost
float on crisp cool breeze
stir brown thumbs to bud anew.

Self-important Babblers begin early,
"Can't talk, can't talk - Hello, Hello."
Their cries, like the breeze, still
when sun sucks the morning dew.

Doors and windows are welcome wide,
vacuums zoom from room to room,
seek dust with renewed vigour
and farewell winter hibernation.

Essance de vache trails from transports,
wafts through town that echoes
to voices of absentee owners
summoned by fair weather and council threats.

Filledwith bonhomie and free libation
we celebrate first day of spring with neighbours.
Under the stars we juggle plates and glasses -
listen as Happy Jacks squabble
in the African Mahogany.


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  • Your poem makes me feel as though I was right there,doing my bit to tidy up the town.I can feel the air and the warmth of the spring sun.I especially like the "essence vache" reference...very clever, makes my nose twitch!

    By Anonymous Sister, at 2:09 PM  

  • i came across a comment that you made at Robert Huddleston's blog, On Poetry then came to check out your blog and I'm glad that I did.
    I like your poetry. You can check out my poetry at davidepatton.blogspot.
    Keep upo the good work

    By Blogger David E. Patton, at 2:58 PM  

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