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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Shopping in the Country.

We can never complain of boredom here. Now the weather has shifted from close to frost to in the high 20s (actually the latest reading says 35degrees in the kitchen) over these last few days we are pulling all our warm weather clothes out of the cupboards.
Tomorrow we head into the nearest shopping area, 90ks away. Haircuts, library visit, and a top up on groceries are all necessary for us or our neighbours. It is important to let the town know when we go to save other's time and petrol. The heat makes it impossible to take our dog with us now and she will no doubt picket her territory with signs, 'Dogs have rights too!' in the hope that some gullible neighbour will take pity on her.

Minnie is a mistress at emotional blackmail. She rules this house with an iron mitt, will not allow her stupid suckers to deviate from her wishes. We both hate it when she sulks but will make it up to her on Wednesday when Fari comes to town. Then she holds court and gets to socialise with all the town who gather around his van.
Fari is our Purveyor of Fruit and Vegetables. No mere fruiterer, he is such an important person to our area he earns that title.

The Purveyor of Fresh Fruit.

He travels in the outback
filling small town needs,
an immigrant from Persia
when there was a Shah.

Persecuted in his homeland
for retaining the old faith,
he brought his family
away from intolerance.

Fourteen years he has
covered these lonely roads,
leaving home and family
to bring us crisp health.

Suspicious of his difference,
prejudice still follows him,
his cpmpetition frowned upon,
but his customers increase.


  • Frances, thank you for dropping by my blogsite. I really love your poems and "tales of life as you know it".....where do you live by the way? Not quite sure.

    Angel Blessings,


    By Blogger Rhiannon, at 6:01 PM  

  • P.S. Well I can't believe it but I finally got up the courage to post some of my Artwork drawings on my blog tonite...maybe you might want to stop by sometime and see what you think?


    By Blogger Rhiannon, at 2:07 AM  

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