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Saturday, December 10, 2005

'Tis the Season.

I have now had over 1000 visitors to my site, some are regulars. I am pretty excited about that. Now that all you Northerners are preparing to celebrate your white Christmas we are gearing down for a very hot one here. It regularly hits 35C before mid morning. The following is an exercise I did recently. It sort of tells you what we are experiencing. Our spring was the hottest ever recorded here.

Lights Out.
I roll over, eyes shut, unwilling to recognise it is almost morning. The soft whirr of the fan has been a constant during the humid night. Now its blades barely move the air. The mosquito net tangles in the sheet as I turn, its roughness clings to my damp salty cheek.
Outside the bushbees buzz around the cactus flowers; strange how they favour them when the smell of the neem tree and mock orange is so intoxicatingly sweet on the pre dawn air.
An early truck coughs along the dusty road outside my window, the smell of diesel overpowers garden perfumes momentarily. I recognise the sound of Lofty's truck. The air tastes of fumes and dust, my louvres rattle from the heavy vibrations as it passes by.
Cockatoos begin the dawn chorus. Their first shrieks of the day drown the twittering of the smaller birds. I shudder at the raw sound, thankful that they will moderate as the day progresses.
A soft body snuggles under my arm. I know it is my red cat, his jump is more of a cushioned float than the other cats. I trail my fingers through his soft fur and murmer sweet nothings in his ear. He believes me and rolls onto his back to offer his perfect belly for my pleasure.
The other cats land on the bed seconds later, all paws blazing, as they voice their discontent at the lack of food in their bowls. I recognise the different meows, the pathetic 'mew' of Molly, the brash 'growl' of our adoptee (he seems to like our home better than his own) and the determined nail clicking of our dog, who will not be over looked.
I sigh, reluctantly open my eyes and prepare for the day. It's not yet 4.30 but what do they care?


  • I really enjoyed this piece. I can relate to the way the animals demand the attention and your description of the early morning waking up to the day is very evocative.I felt it was me there, waking up to a hot summer day.

    By Anonymous Sister, at 4:04 PM  

  • Hi Frances,

    Congrats on your 1000 blog numbers! I have a black cat that does same thing,(in same position as yours in this pic) all "snuggled" up with me and purring and cooing and rolling on her back in such content! The sweetest thing isn't it? But its winter here so my "lizzie" cat is snuggling up big time with me..:o)

    Happy Holidays,


    By Blogger Rhiannon, at 4:35 PM  

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