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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Day's Doings

We drove to Charters Towers yesterday. We had to be there by nine so left just before 7am. Of course we had to take Minnie (our Peke dog) with us. We don't like leaving her for long now as she is getting very old. She knew it was shopping day and whined until she was in the car.
The sun was just over the horizon when we left. I'm glad Frank was driving. The visor was no good for me as I was much too low. That meant that I didn't really get to see the sights until we took the appropriate bends when the sun swung from the right to the left. On a predominately straight road it is amazing how many times the sun changes sides.
When I could see out the windscreen the view was mystical. Morning mists mixed with dust. No wonder the aborigines talk about dream time. This blanket of mist lay over the tree tops and deepened in the gullies. The sky above was clear, lemon on the horizon then lime green a little higher until it blended with the autumn blue. We have the best Autums here.
The drought isn't so bad to the east. I counted three dead kangaroos between here and Charters Towers. Going west last week we counted thirty dead kangaroos in a ninety kilometer stretch.
On the brighter side we saw a flock of over twenty brolgas in the same area. I haven't seen so many together, not even when we first lived in Mortlake, Victoria. I had been worried because I hadn't seen the couple that I saw regularly at Homestead two years. I hope this is a good sign.
We left our winging Minnie at the Vet's. They look after her while we shop, all gratis, as they don't like dogs being left in cars - and they know we are good customers. Minnie loves it there and they think she is funny because she is always so full of herself.
Fortunately we did not have to wait for Frank's teeth for long and by noon we were almost finished our chores. Frank could even eat proper food, so we had a lovely counter lunch, finished the last bits of shopping and picked up the dog. We were home by three - the first time for months.


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