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Monday, April 28, 2008

Today Started Well

Today we were going to take the big 'frige into Hughenden. It had been waiting for over 2 years to have the gas renewed. The guys got it up on the trailer after a long discussion about should it be on its back or kept upright. It was ready to be secured when theydiscovered that the tie ropes had disintergrated. Well, the orange ones anyway. The black ones were still okay.

That doesn't surprise me, light clothes don't last half as long in this sun as the darker clothes. That's why my undies are black - not 'cos I think they're sexy ;-) Anyway it was impossible even to think of taking it in until we had proper ties. The Jardine Valley stretch of road would probably demolish car and trailer.

The Road to Good Intent.
Between Hughenden and Prairie.

This road is now a legend
and all the travellers tell
how the track to Hughenden
is like the road to Hell.

Just like that other road,
it’s paved with good intention,
but when Funds get handed out
this doesn’t get a mention.

A yearly grade along the sides
clears the road-toll smell
–cosmetic council cleaning -
they’ve spent their money well.

A narrow strip of tarmac
where we bounce and sway,
avoiding other transport
that’s coming either way.

There’s barely room for passing,
the sides are cut away,
but “it’s to be upgraded,”
so our politicians say.

‘till then put up a warning,
“Take a Pit Stop here -
cast iron gut required,
especially after beer”.

While the men sorted their mens' stuff I changed into more respectable gear for town. Then I changed out of it again. Now I'm doing woman's work (which is never done). Probably because I'm playing around here?

I'm not too upset about not getting into town as it is my day for watering and I want to get into the garden now that the weather is cooler. I might have a neat spring garden - maybe.
Besides Fari comes tomorrow.


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