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Sunday, May 27, 2007

How Ironic is This.

Sunday is always the day for doing my own thing. That usually means playing around with writing and using the internet. Recently our satellite has been experiencing problems and the internet becomes inaccessible. Generally when I want to use it. Those are the days when I feel most isolated.

Yesterday it happened again.

An ASP in Our Eden?

Praise be for the Internet,
a boon this modern age,
just click where ere we want -
upon the right web page.

Saves time when entertaining;
free recipes - all there,
advice on room arranging,
even tells us what to wear.

And if you’ve lost instructions
for your favourite card games,
play around with Google
where you’ll find alternate names.

Yesterday I browsed the net
to find the perfect meal,
got tempted by a writer’s site
who’s work had great appeal.

I don’t know where my day went –
6 p.m. and friends were due.
No time to test my cooking skills,
we’ll have a barbecue.


  • Love it, the poem. There's got to be a place for something like that. A women's mag?

    By Blogger Ruth D~, at 5:27 PM  

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