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Friday, January 19, 2007

This is Disgusting.

This will only appeal to those who love animals. I talk to mine regularly. W-e-e-l-l, some people talk to plants. They don't answer back, either.

This is Disgusting.

I wheel the chair into the bedroom in preparation for a clothes folding and putting away session, not my favourite occupation. Immediately a large ginger cat appears from under my bed.

"Emmy, there you are, you lovely boy. Mummy thought you'd gone."

Our golden boy jumps on the bed. "Meow." He whispers in his broken voice.

"You want me to give you a 'wove', do you, darling?"

Golden head pushes against my hand and he summersaults in the middle of the quilt. Purrs rumble as he shows his soft side. "Did the big bad dog fwiten you, then?"

I baby talk and scratch the offered rounded anatomy. "Poor Em, kicked from pillar to post, never a moment to relax, is there? Poor old thing, all skin and bones."

Hairy toes curl and I get a quick lick on the hand. Another head nudge, this time to the hand that is unoccupied. Just a polite reminder. Minutes pass as I smooth the wuss' ruffled fur and scratch a proffered ear. I'm careful to keep both hands busy. Quality time is important.

"We've been busy, hey boy? No wonder you're flighty. Big ol' Nelson was the final straw, eh? After the boys were here too, disturbing your peace, and all."

"M-e-o-w." is the heartfelt reply. He grabs my arm with four sheathed paws and gently bites my wrist.

"Oo wouldn't hurt Mummy, would oo, sweetie?"

Paws flex a little harder and he flips upright. Gives me a 'come on' look and leads me to the food bowl. Round orange eyes manage to look pathetic as Em sucks in his belly in a "I never get anything nice" imitation of an orphan.

"Guess you'd better have these now," I shake fresh food into the bowl. "That big bad Ken'll soon be home again. Can't have you scat before you're fed."

A steely glance, a flip of the tail and Em vanishes as a heavy step is heard at the front door.


  • i have commented on this before...don't know where my comment went. Anyway we wuv kitties too and appreciate this kitty coo talk with the felines

    By Blogger Sandy, at 1:35 AM  

  • That's sweet. Clearly that nails me as a cat person. :)

    By Anonymous Pearl, at 8:51 AM  

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